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Priority topics: 1. Ethical and policy issues related to advances in biomedical research and the translation of research into clinical practice, including: The increasing use of big data and mobile health applications in clinical care and research, including remote monitoring of patients and frail elderly persons; and Advances in neuroscience and in research and clinical care of persons with degenerative brain diseases. 2. Ethical and policy issues related to responding to public health crises with new and emerging technologies, for example, responding to emerging or potential epidemics through genetic technologies such as CRISPR/Cas9. 3. Ethical and policy issues related to operating within existing federal, state, and local legal and regulatory frameworks, including existing systems concerning human subjects research, privacy protections, and approval of drugs, devices, and biologics. 4. Ethical and policy issues that are particularly salient in certain cultural, ethnic, and demographic communities, including dilemmas arising in clinical and system interventions to reduce health disparities and in clinical care.