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Considering The Gulf War Illness Landscape and the GWIRP’s mission, all FY20 GWIRP applications must address at least one of the following overarching challenges unless adequate justification for exception is provided.
• Treatments: Eliminate the health consequences associated with GWI and revolutionize treatment
• Diagnosis: Better define and diagnose GWI
• Subtyping: Distinguish symptom clusters to better target treatments, identify underlying causes, and elucidate differences in severity
• Determinants: Validate exposures associated with GWI and impacts on organs and systems • Consequences: Determine whether GWI is associated with greater risk for developing other disease states including neurological diseases, cancers, or other life-threatening and severely debilitating conditions
• Communication: Help Veterans, their caregivers, researchers and health care providers communicate effectively about GWI, its symptoms, and potential treatments